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5 star rating2014's mid-winter cruise!! The whole package togetherwith the cruising experience, was absolutely fantastic. My wife and I went on their most lengthiest cruise.

Danny B Avatar Danny B

5 star ratingGreat day out This was third cruise in as many tears. A great day out with an informative and helpful crew. Lynch and afternoon tea is delicious. Definite value for money.

jules1009 Avatar jules1009

5 star rating12 out of 10 - excellent cruise I did the 6-hour cruise, and thoroughly recommend it. The crew were fantastic - very thorough, excellent local knowledge, and very friendly. The setting is stunning. The Coorong is well worth seeing and there is something extraordinary about standing on a beach, looking at an ocean where the next stop is the Antarctic.

There are two guided walks, one easy one with timber boardwalks and only a little sand walking. This one takes you across the peninsula to the southern beach. The second walk is more difficult, up to the top of a dune, all sand walking, no boardwalks. Fellow travellers said the view from the top was amazing and well worth it. You can choose not to do the walks, and stay with the boat.

The number and variety of birds in The Coorong is astounding, and the origin of some of these travellers (Siberia, for example) makes you realise how important this RAMSAR wetland is, in the network established and protected around the world.

Comfortable seating, good facilities, tasty lunch and afternoon tea, and the Captain does a good job with cooking cockles!

Lee-Anne F Avatar Lee-Anne F
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