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5 star ratingExcellent trip We did the mouth of the murray cruise, the crew of mat and Dave were welcoming, informative and made the cruise a real joy. Really good of them to rescue a hat blown into the lake as well. Fully recommend them, wish there were 6 stars!

Sneakypig5 Avatar Sneakypig5

5 star ratingExcellentt Coorong Cruise Really enjoyable and educational cruise of the beautiful Coorong. Abundant birdlife and closeups of the seals basking at the Goolwa Barrage. Excellent commentary from the two male staff on board. Clear viewing through the boat windows or upstairs on the open deck . 1 km walk through sand dunes to the Southern Ocean - not everyone able to manage this but very rewarding for those who did. Highly recommended.

jonard1 Avatar jonard1

5 star ratingFantastic day We had a great day. We saw lots of seals, birds, a snake, a frill necked lizard and an emu. Pity we weren't here last week when the last of the whales when home to the Antarctic.

Happiness151059 Avatar Happiness151059
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