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5 star ratingThe Wonderful Coorong Explained and Visited The Spirit of the Coorong truly comes to life on this six hour cruise. A visit to the Murray River Mouth is followed by two great walks,one more challenging than other with wonderful explanations of the ecology of the area and indigenous people's history. An understanding of the control of the waterways by the 75 year old barrages, which allow the environment to flourish, is gained , by the enthusiastic, humorous and educational commentary.On top of this a plentiful, well presented, individual lunch and coffee and cake for afternoon tea made this great value.

John P Avatar John P

5 star ratingCoorong Boat Cruise A relaxing, enjoyable and informative day. The crew provided an excellent history of the area and were very knowledgable with regards to the building, use and management of the barrages, past and current land use and local plant, animal and bird life.

The lunch and afternoon tea were lovely and most enjoyable.

The two walks through the sand hills to visit local points of interest were very interesting and worth the walk. Comfortable walking shoes should be wore.

GJCalman Avatar GJCalman

5 star ratingGreat! Love it, well worth the cost. Bit warm out but the walks were okay. Would do it again, what a great trip.

Shayman-Dragonfly Avatar Shayman-Dragonfly
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