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5 star ratingWe have been on the trip on 2 occassions both were excellent. The trip is excellent, the guides have excellent knowledge. The cost appears high, but it is well worth the money. You visit areas not easily accessed other than with the tour. The morning teas and lunch is very good and adequate. The guides have excellent knowledge, and know where to see the water birds etc. Can fully recommend.

Chris K Avatar Chris K

5 star ratingCruising the Coorong In October this year we had a holiday in Goolwa, South Australia and decided to take the opportunity to cruise the River Murray on the Spirit, something we had always said we would do and now that the mouth is running well decided this would be it. We took the 6 hour trip which included lunch and afternoon tea - very enjoyable. The River Murray is flowing well and when we approached the mouth we moored so all passengers could alight and walk along the dunes and see the mouth close up. By climbing the dunes we could also see the Southern Ocean, the next landfall is Antarctica! After this we were taken to a further stop where we climbed over the dunes to again see the ocean and where the local Aboriginals fished. The final stop was the Aboriginal campsite, the trek to the campsite at times made you feel as if you were in the desert, on reaching the campsite the guides dug for water which was not to far down and was very drinkable. They explained the culture around the site and its meaning. A very worthwhile experience where we learnt a lot about the local Aboriginal culture. The guides were very knowledgeable regarding the local Aboriginals and also all the wildlife living on the river and were always letting us know what birds were around. This is definitely a trip that we would repeat.

Badger000 Avatar Badger000

5 star ratingFabulous! Really enjoyed it! I have been telling everyone I know to do this cruise. It was fabulous. Well organised and great fun as well as being very informative about SA history and culture. Loved the story of the crazy bushranger and it is true! Why has this not become a movie??? Better than Ned Kelly!

Cheryl C Avatar Cheryl C
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