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5 star ratingExcellent tour! Only took the 3.5hr trip as thought the 6 hour one would be too long. How wrong can one be? Well organised, most informative guides, very good meal. No negative aspects whatsoever.

Eddy V Avatar Eddy V

5 star rating2.5 hour Coorong and Murray mouth trip Full marks for an interesting and informative tour today which included seeing seals, black swans, pelicans (largest variety), egrets, migratory birds from Siberia and experiencing a barrage lock.

lynrhodes Avatar lynrhodes

5 star ratingSeals and birds in the wild closeup Another must-see for visitors to South Australia. We just took English friends during their first trip to Australia. It was great to share this special place with them. Very good value.

sjdmh Avatar sjdmh
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